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You only get one chance to make a favorable impression with your print piece. An effective design that communicates to your prospects isn't about spending your entire budget on its development. It requires the use of good template, creativity and common sense writing principles. We know how to avoid all the common mistakes and create a super effective end product. Our skilled staff will improve your odds of winning the business of your prospective customers


“Signage” is an extremely broad term that encompasses many facets of design but don’t worry, we can do it all. Signage has many functions and can serve many purposes. Posters, displays, and way-finding can assist in advertising, make something stand out, or help direct people to a particular location. No matter how you use signage, we can all agree that is it important in some way or another. There are a ton of creative possibilities when it comes to signage, and we have some tricks up our sleeve so you'll have an end product that's going to make you stand out.


Have a product you need to sell? We can help you determine what qualities best associate with your company and your product. The importance of brand recognition cannot be underestimated when it comes to retail sales. We will establish recognition for your company and product when creating a package that's going to stand out on the shelf.

A lot of the time, people think of some sort of box that sets on a shelf when thinking about a package design. At Image studio, we think outside of that box. A package can come in so many unique shapes and sizes. When designing a product's packaging, we always consider the user experience: how it feels in your hand, how it works, and of course the general aesthetic. The most memorable products are ones with a distinctive package design.


Once your marketing campaign ideas are under way, how will you execute them to increase exposure and reach out to new audiences? Media kits are great promotional items often used for advertising new products or events. These kits can include a set of harmonious postcards, brochures, CDs or DVDs, business cards, and any other promotional items.

Our specialized team offers more than just creative web design and logo services. We will also provide tips on printing options: size, shape, and color of your promotional items. Guarantee an enduring presence by turning to Temar Global for a dynamic brochure and media kit design.


Postage, printing, mailing lists and more. We are equipped to handle all of these critical elements that can mean the difference between successful and mediocre direct mail campaigns. When creating your direct mail campaign, you need a company that not only understands these things, but also that knows how to manage and execute control. Our roots are deeply embedded in assuring that your campaign provides the best return on investment for your direct mailer. For effective design, list selection, and even competitive postage rates, you can trust us to provide you with the most impressive results.

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