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Search Engine Optimization isn’t going anywhere, so let’s get you caught up on what SEO means for your company’s future. SEO is the process of organizing your website so that you can achieve optimal ranking, traffic and conversion of visitors from various search engines. The skinny of it is that search engines use robots or crawlers to quickly skim your websites content and recommend it to potential visitors for solutions to their problems. However, like everything else there are right and wrong ways to draw attention to your services. Not to mention that Google is constantly updating and making changes to their algorithms so that the old tips don’t work twice. Don’t let that deter you though, because there are a few standby tips that apply to the overall standards of improving your SERP’s ranking.

Approximately 3.5 people are searching Google for SEO related content every second.

SEO used to be centered on keyword density and linking pages to your content, but search engines have become privy to these strategies, and don’t let their numbers affect your rank as much anymore.

Now Search Engine Optimization is about expanding your content into the world of social media and branding to influence interaction. Potential clients want to know what they are purchasing, and trust in the brand they are researching. There are several ways to earn your clientele’s trust, and it all begins with your company’s identity and brand promise. Yes, you heard me right, the key to increasing rank and conversion of visitors is to offer a service that people want and do recommend to friends, family, even strangers. So start by evaluating your brand DNA and pursue professional networking. By professionally networking you are including references from clients who are loyal to your brand and providing a voice of authority for those potential clients. Develop an incentive plan for clients who spread the word and recommend your services to others in their network, and watch your conversion rate consistently increase.

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Offer easily accessible, user friendly content that is consolidated, reliable, unique and relevant to business. By stuffing your pages with keywords that are not pertinent to your brand, you are distracting web crawlers and customers alike. These distractions are going to drive their business elsewhere and decrease conversion rates. When building and designing your website focus on including content that is applicable to visitors for ranking improvement.

Since Google is constantly changing and developing updates for its search algorithms, make sure that you are remaining up to date on their changes. Commit to a SEO schedule that allows you to regularly check for updates, redesign content, and submit new information to your clients via social networking, bookmarking, and blogs linked to your site.

Worried about time constraints with Social Media? Don’t be: in just 15 minutes a day, you can easily keep clients in the loop.

9.1 million people search SEO content each month.

For 2013:

  • DO your research: Remain up to date on SEO tips and Google changes.
  • DON’T focus on SERP’s rankings alone; incorporate visitor traffic and conversion for stronger results.
  • DO operate in the world of social media. Yes that means email, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.
  • DO offer visitor interaction and discussion areas to build brand loyalty by allowing customers to make comments, suggestions and ask questions.
  • DO provide a user friendly website for both consumers and search engine tools.

Let SEO become a helpful tool in attracting clients and building loyalty.

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