Video Production

Our video and motion graphics production department specializes in video shoots and production for the web as well as high definition DVDs. By employing award-winning writers, voice-over and acting talent, designers and developers, Temar Global has everything it takes to produce high quality, professional videos and motion graphics. We will also seamlessly integrate them into your website or other project.

Beyond building a brand that people trust and developing a website that best represents that brand, you have to keep that attention focused on your product amongst all the competition. One way of doing just that is participating in visual effects. Consistently letting clientele see your company and product from a different perspective and showing them new products or thoughts on new ways to use these products. In a world engrossed in movement, time, and space, there are ways to corner this spectrum of the market.

Looking for some creative new ways to interact with your clients? Here are some of the options that investing in a future with Temar Global will offer you. Making the move into visual effects will make your website and product more accessible, interactive and dynamic, provide feedback, and develop your e-commerce status. By combining your brand identity and interactive marketing, Image Studio will provide the solution for appealing to customers through entertainment and education for your business.


Webisodes are short three to fifteen minute episodes intended as internet television and are available to download or stream. These webisodes can be a series of interviews, teaching tutorials or animated storylines that showcase your product or company. People trust what they can see, and by presenting them with honest, innovative, and intriguing information, you will begin to build that brand loyalty that you strive for.


Motion Graphics is the video footage or animation technology that is used to create the illusion of motion, and it’s usually combined with audio for a full multimedia presentation. These graphics can be accomplished through several different means, including Adobe After Effects and Flash. After Effects is used to digitally create or enhance motion graphics and composite them into the post production process of film making and television production. While Flash is often a less polished, more simplistic effect businesses can use it in their websites as web intros, web ads, product demos, animated logos, cartoons, business presentations, games or applications for product information, education or entertainment.


Television Advertising through commercials or broadcasted product information is still a viable option. As part of Temar Global’s full service advertising and marketing campaign we will develop and arrange for commercial spots or content featured on local broadcasts.

What is important to remember about these media options is that they are a form of Brand Communication, and represent a means of bridging the gap between your company’s product and image and your customer. So effectively communicate the message and use it to best acknowledge your Identity. Contact Temar Global today for information on expanding your visual presentation.

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